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    April 19, 2019
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I a poem written by Mark Halla The picture of Jesus on the cross brings tears to my eyes remember the man, whom for us did die He had created the world with a sweep of His hand then humbled himself and came to Earth as a man. Created in His image, yet fallen so far, we had turned away from God and we drifted afar For us he did come, God on Earth, a savior no doubt, a chance for new birth. The gift is free, for all who believe, eternal life for you and for me! Our cross He did bear, my sin and yours temporarily separated from God the Father, totaly abhorred. The same hands that had once sculpted me as clay now bore the marks of sin's decay! Thanks be to God!!! INRI: Translated this was a sign posted by Pontius Pilate that read Jesus of Nazareth the King of the Jews" See John 19:19-20 Yet He defeated death, once for all, rising as prophesied three days after the fall. His ministry calls for repentance and faith, acceptance of His love offered freely through grace. Compliments of. His Spirit lives within all who believe, hopefully you and hopefully me! TheMustard Seed We are called to spread the Good News that "Jesus lives" and evidence with our lives that we are His! alla Nursery Landscaping & Garden Center A family tradition since 1942 Rooted in Integrity And Founded On Faith In Christ! You see, the tears I have are not tears of sorrow but rather tears of joy that Christ saved me yesterday, today and tomorrow!